Born: In 1938 in Manzanillo, Cuba.

Experience: Founder and first record in the courses from 1962 to 1967 of the National School of Plastic Arts of Havana. He was professor for more than 20 years in the teaching of the plastic arts. He has been a member of the jury in national and international plastic art shows and competitions. He has given conferences in meetings with schools in Cuba and abroad.

Awards: Selection. 1970 Painting Prize in the '70 Salon. National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba; 1971 National Prize of Cannes Sur-Mer, France; 1972 National Joan Miró Drawing Award, Joan Miró Foundation, Barcelona, ​​Spain; 1976 Prize at the National Juvenile Hall of Plastic Arts, Havana, Cuba; 1977 First Prize in the UNESCO painting contest awarded by the International Association of Plastic Artists for the Latin America and the Caribbean area, Paris, France; 1984 Receives the Order for the 1300 years of Bulgarian Culture; 1985 Prize of Cuban Posters for the International Contest for the Fortieth Anniversary of UNESCO; 1988 Distinction for National Culture granted by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba and Rene Portocarrero Prize of the International Association of Artists of UNESCO (AIAP); 1998 His work integrates the collection World Heritage, Human Rights and Artistic Memory of the XX Century belonging to the UN that is exhibited in Geneva and New York, United States and his work The jigües del mar is selected to illustrate the book LIBERTE ' 98, a manual for the teaching of human rights and artistic memory of the 20th century, and is exhibited in the permanent collection of the museum: "Artistic Memory of the 20th Century", Geneva and New York, belonging to the UN, USA; 2002 The Cuban State awarded him the Alejo Carpentier medal by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba and the Raúl Gómez García medal by the National Union of Culture Workers; 2003 La Giraldilla de La Habana Distinction awarded by the Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power of Havana, Cuba.

Shows: Selection. 1971 Oils from 1968 to 1971, National Museum of Fine Arts, City of Havana; 1985 Poetry, reality and other fables, Galería Plaza Vieja, Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets; 1986 Guayasamín Museum, Quito, Ecuador; 1987 National Museum of Szczecin, Poland; Fonseca, gallery "Servando Cabrera Moreno", City of Havana; 1991 Qualli Gallery, Mexico D.F, Mexico; 1993 Cuban Painting, House of Culture of Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico; 1994 Metamorphosis, Galera Plaza Vieja, Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets, City of Havana; 1996 The fables of his world. Panoramic sample, International Press Center, Havana City; 2002-2003 Genesis Essence and Myth, Visual Art Talent Gallery, Polanco, Mexico D.F; 2004 Genesis, Essence and Myth. Gallery of the Art Museum of Caguas (MUAC), Puerto Rico, Misterios das origens, FP Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal; 2006 Dialogue with nature. Jagüey Grande. Matanzas, Cuba.

Collections: In Cuba, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana; Casa de Lezama Museum Lima, Havana, Museum of Dance, Havana; Municipal Museum of Beach, Havana; Provincial Museum of Santiago de Cuba Emilio Bacardí Moreau. In other countries, International Museum of XX Century Art, TIMOTCA-UNESCO, New York, United States; Liberte'98 Artistic Memory of the 20th Century, Geneva and New York, belonging to the UN, United States; Museum of Contemporary Art in Vilnius, Lithuania; National Museum of Sczcezin, Poland; Museum of Plastic Arts, Leipzig, Germany; Permanent Gallery of Non-Aligned Countries, Montenegro, Yugoslavia; Cuban Contemporary Plastic Collection, La Tertulia Museum, Cali, Colombia; Permanent work in Gallery of the Art Museum of Caguas (MUAC), Puerto Rico; Municipal Museum of Modern Art (MNAM), Cuenca, Ecuador; World Heritage Collection, ONU, USA.