Born: 1940, Oaxaca, Mexico.
Education: At the age of 14 he began his artistic studies in the engraving workshop of Arturo García Bustos. Later he studied at the School of Fine Arts of Oaxaca and the Higher Center of Applied Arts of the National Institute of Fine Arts, Mexico.

Experience: In 1960 he moved to Paris and settled in the studio of Stanley William Hayter, an eccentric British artist with a vision about the restoration of the etching and engraving arts. In 1965, when he returned to Mexico, he immediately joined the artistic community of his home state. He immersed himself in various media that included lithography, engraving, sculpture, ceramics and painting. He designed tapestries with the artisans of Teotitlán del Valle. He founded the Paper Art Workshop Oaxaca in October 1997, installed in the former hydroelectric plant "La Soledad". Within this context, he founded Ediciones Toledo, which in 1983 published his first book, and in 1988 created the Institute of Graphic Arts of Oaxaca (IAGO). He participated in the founding of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca (MACO).

Awards: He was the winner of the National Fine Arts Award in 1998. In 2005 he received the Well Won Live Sustenance Award for dedicating himself to the protection and improvement of the heritage, environment and life of the community of his native Oaxaca

Collections: There are his works in the Museums of Modern Art in Mexico, Paris, New York and Philadelphia, in the New York Public Library, the Tate Gallery in London and the Kunstnaneshus in Oslo, among others. He has illustrated several books, and has participated in numerous collective and individual exhibitions in cities such as New York, London, Paris, Geneva, Oslo, among others.