Born; July 9, 1905 Mexico City, Mexico. Death; July 12, 2003 Mexico City, Mexico.

Experience: Faculty of Arts and Design. Member of the Revolutionary Artists and Writers League and founder of the Salon de la Plastica Mexicana. His first professional job as an artist was to make posters of films with the West Coast Theaters Co in the United States. He also lived in Paris, Switzerland, England and Italy where he studied European avant-garde art. I return to Mexico. He joined the Mexican neo-nalism movement to continue the tradition of Mexican Muralism.2 He began teaching at the ENAP in 1953. on his return to Mexico.

Shows: His first exhibition was at the Durand gallery in Los Angeles, California, followed by exhibitions in Mexico as well as in Peru, the United States, Belgium, Japan and other countries. In 1945, he made an exhibition at the Galería de Plástica Mexicana by Inés Amor. In 1949, his work was recognized in "The City of Mexico and its painters" and exhibited in the first Mexican Biennial at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in 1958, in the second Pan American Biennial in 1960 and then in the Mexican Portrait event, again in Fine Arts in 1961. In 1966 he had an exhibition at the Beverly Hills Collectors Gallery, Los Angeles. His work was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in San Antonio, Texas during 1978. In 1985 he exhibited the Arte Núcleo gallery in Mexico City. He participated in collective exhibitions at the Diego Rivera Mural Museum and the Marstelle Gallery in 1995 and 1996. For 1997, the Diego Rivera Mural Museum made an anthology of his work, referring to himself as "The Great Silent".