Julia López was born in 1936, Ometepec, Mexico.

Her work began to be exhibited in 1958 and since then her work has been shown in several places in Mexico, the United States and Europe. Her main exhibitions include the Gallery of Visual Arts (1958, sponsored by Orozco Romero, with favorable reviews), the Los Petules Gallery in Xalapa (1959), the Prisse Gallery (supported by several artists, such as Enrique Echeverría, Alberto Gironella and Héctor Xavier), the Mexican Art Gallery in Mexico City (1961, 1962), the Mexican Plastics Salon (1963, 1967, 1969, 1972), Dallas Art Museum, The Mexican Museum in San Francisco, Fine Art Gallery of California, the Mexico-Italy Cultural Center Andriano Olivetti (1980), the Iturbide Palace (1981), the Misrachi Gallery (1985), the Museum of Art and History in Ciudad Juárez (1985), Museum of Modern Art (1988) ), the Palace of Mining (1988), Officina d'Arte Accademia in Verona, Italy (1996) and the Camões Institute in Lisbon (2013). She regularly exhibits her work at the Telento Gallery in Mexico City and at the La Siempre Habana Gallery in Cuernavaca. Her work can be found in the collection of more than forty museums and galleries, but most of her work is in private collections in Mexico and abroad.

Her work was recognized for the first time with the first place in the competition at the Salon de la Plástica Mexicana. Then he received the New Vales Prize from the Fine Art Gallery of California. She is a member of the Salon of the Mexican Plastic .

Three books have been written about her life and work The Magic Colors of Julia Lopez (1995), Fiori e Canti, Nella Pittura di Julia Lopez (1996, in Italian) and Owner of Light (1998).