Born: 1915, Guadalajara, Mexico. Dead; 2006, Mexico City, Mexico.

Education: 1927 - He entered the School free of painting, in the State Museum of Jalisco in Guadalajara.

Experience: In 1936 Secretary General of the Syndicate of Teachers of Plastic Arts. A year later, he joined the League of Writers and Revolutionary Artists. He was Founder in 1938 of the Popular Graphic Workshop. In 1941 he obtained a three-month scholarship to study at the Art Students League of NY. He was part of the first expedition to Bonampak in April 1949. In 1951 he was a founding member of the Salon of Mexican Art, an institution in which he taught at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving "La Esmeralda" and in the National Autonomous University of Mexico.He joined the Societe Europeénne de Culture in Venice, Italy in 1965 and in 1966 he was a visiting professor at Trinity University in San Antonio TX, United States. In 1990 was published the book Raul Anguiano.

Awards: Selection. 1956 José Clemente Orozco, State Congress of Jalisco, Guadalajara. Mexico; 1958 First Prize, Gold Medal, Pan-American Art Salon, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; 1960 Life Member, Institute of Intellectual Recovery, Concepción, Republic of Chile; 1964 Distinguished Son of the City, Guadalajara City Council, Jalisco, Mexico; 1977 Decoration of the Italian Republic, Rome, Italy; 1982 Academic of Number, Academy of Arts, Mexico D.F; 1983 Diploma of Honor, City Council of the City of Los Angeles, California, Mexico; 1986 Keys to the city, Oxnard, California, USA; 1993 Creator Emeritus, National System of Creators of Mexico, Mexico D.F .; 1998 Star of Our Culture, Mexican Cultural Institute of Los Angeles, California, USA; 2000 National Prize of Sciences and Arts 2000, Delivered by the president of the Republic, Lic. Ernesto Zedillo, National Palace, Mexico D.F .; 2004 Honoris Causa Prize, Autonomous University of Hidalgo, Pachuca, Hidalgo; 2004 The Order of Merit Mexico Allende, City of Los Angeles, California, USA; 2005 Cultural Lifetime Achievement Award; 2006 Commemorative Medal of the Palace of Fine Arts, Delivered in posthumous tribute to his wife Mrs. Brigita Anguiano.

Shows: Selection. 1938-Havana, Cuba; 1940 and 1943-MOMA, New York, USA; 1952-Henri Tronche Gallery in Paris, France; 1964-National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico; 1975-Italo Latin American Institute in Rome, Italy; 2002-Los Angeles College, in LA, CA. USES; 2003-Raul Anguiano Museum, Guadalajara, Mexico.

Examples of public works can be seen in the murals of the National Chamber of Commerce, the National Museum of Anthropology, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic in Mexico. Outside of Mexico, it has a mural at the General Consulate of Mexico in Los Angeles, the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California and a 70-square-meter mural at East Los Angeles College.

Collections: Museum of Modern Art, Mexico D.F; National Museum of the Estampa, Mexico D.F; Consulate General of Mexico, Los Angeles CA, USA; Modern Art Museum, New York. USES; San Francisco Museum of Art, California. USES; Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels, Belgium; National Museum of Warsaw, Poland; National Museum of Beijing, China; The Archives for Monumental Art. Sweden; Ministére des Affaires Etrengéres, France; Franklin Rowson Museum, San Juan. Argentina; Palm Springs Desert Museum, California. USES; Vatican Museum, Rome. Italy.