Born: 1943, Santiago, Chile.

Education: He entered the Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile in 1964. He specialized in drawing, design, ceramics and sculpture in the workshop of Ricardo Mesa. In parallel he studied music and singing at the National Conservatory of the University of Chile.

Experience: He was assistant professor and then holder of the chair of sculpture of the same house of studies. In 1971 he was director of the House of Culture of El Teniente Mineral.

Awards. Selection. 1979 First Acquisition Prize, First Sculpture Triennial of the National Salon of Plastic Arts of Mexico. 1982 Honorable Mention, Second Triennial of Sculpture of the National Salon of Plastic Arts of Mexico. 1985 Special Mention in the Hall of Alternative Spaces of the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico.

Exhibitions: 1969 Sculptural Spaces, University Hall of the University of Chile, Santiago, Chile. 1975 For Chile, Mascarones Cultural Center, Cuernavaca, Mexico. 1976 By Chile, House of Chile, Mexico D.F., Mexico. 1977 Image and Resistance, Casa del Lago, UNAM, Mexico D.F., Mexico. 1979 America a Scream, José María Velasco Gallery, National Institute of Fine Arts, Mexico D.F., Mexico. 1979 Homage to Chile, El Galpón Cultural Center, Mexico, D.F., Mexico. 1992 Sculptures of Love and Hope, Lourdes Chumacero Gallery, Mexico D.F., Mexico. 1996 Institute of Culture of the State of Morelos, Mexico. 1997 Presence of Sculpture in Watercolor, Hacienda San Gabriel, Morelos, Mexico. 1999 Forge, Wood and Sweet Dreams, Artist's Workshop, Cuernavaca, Mexico. 1999 Soldando Sueños, Tallando Atardeceres, Espacio Interior Gallery, Cuernavaca, Mexico. 2002 From Iztaccihuatl to Cruz del Sur, National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile. 2002 Art Object, Isabel Aninat Gallery, Santiago, Chile. 2003 From Iztaccihuatl to Cruz del Sur, Pinacoteca of the Universidad de Concepción, Chile. 2003 From Iztaccihuatl to Cruz del Sur, Municipal Theater, Temuco, Chile. 2004 From the Cross of the South to the Iztaccíhuatl, Museum of the City of Mexico, Mexico D.F., Mexico.

Collections: Salvador Allende Solidarity Museum, Santiago, Chile; Museum of Modern Art of Mexico City D.F., Mexico; Santiago Library, Santiago, Chile; Building of the National Council of Culture and the Arts, Valparaíso, Chile; Valley of the Artists, Lolol, Vi Region, Chile.